Serafin Cilia

General Manager

With an Argentinian/Italian upbringing, he has lived in Europe for many years, and he has now chosen Lake Como as his new home.

He is the head and the arm behind every Holiday Rental and Property Management project.

A driven and enthusiastic force of nature who won’t stop until he reaches every goal, he has more than 11 years experience in building constructions and renovations in Lake Como.

This gives him precious insights here, where he leads and works alongside the Property Management team in order to address all the needs of our clients.

Young entrepreneur, great ability to manage projects and an excellent problem solver, Serafin is as creative as life demands. A family man that loves to build strong relationships, detail oriented, he leads every building construction so as to support all our sales and home renovations.

  • Qualifications: Construction specialist
  • Languages: Italian, Spanish
  • Hobbies: Family activities and endless work